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The aims and objectives of PERMIM are to envisage, organise and carry out activity or activities that aim to promote the religious, social, economic, educational and cultural well-being of its members in particular and Muslims in Malaysia at large.


Based on the above statement of aims and objects, the activities of PERMIM can be in the following areas, that is:-


(a) Religious

(b) Social

(c) Economic

(d) Educational, and

(e) Cultural

Specifically, political activities or activities that have a political objective or purpose do not fall within PERMIM's present scope of activities.

PERMIM is not a political organisation and therefore, it cannot behave like a political party or be expected to meet the political aspirations of its members.

However, activities that aim to inculcate a political consciousness or civic mindedness can, and should be pursued within the social objective and as part of a nation-building exercise involving every member as a citizen or would be citizen of this country.


The objectives of the activities to be carried out by PERMIM shall be:-

a) to raise the overall aspirations of the members as belonging to a community which is an integral part of the Islamic community the Ummah;

b) to plan, organise and implement a programme of activities that will motivate community to reflect a characteristic that is truly Islamic;

c) to provide constructive support and assistance to national programmes which focuses on nation-building;

d) to seek assistance and aid to uplift the community in areas where there is a serious lack of collective effort and self-help measures are almost impossible; and

e) to make PERMIM a reputable organisation and its leaders respected nationally and internationally.

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