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    • To be the premier non-governmental organization (NGO) to articulate the aspirations and rights of the Indian Muslim community in Malaysia


    • To unite the community by bringing all Indian Muslim Organizations under one umbrella Federation i.e.. PERMIM
    • To become financially independent body with adequate resources and research facilities to envisage, organize and implement activities to promote the religious, educational, economic, social and cultural well – being of its members
    • To be recognized by the government and all other agencies as the legitimate non-political organization representing the views, aspirations and concerns of the community


    • To increase the membership of PERMIM by creating branches where there is a sizeable concentration of community members
    • To attract all existing Indian Muslim organizations to become affiliates of PERMIM
    • To attract and nurture enterepreneurs and professionals to take Leadership roles
    • To enhance the financial capability of PERMIM to finance and support the activities of branches and affiliates for the benefit of the community
    • To initiate and support initiatives and programmes to enhance educational levels and competitiveness to ensure meaningful, participation of the community in  the knowledge based economy
    • To conduct regular dialogues and discussions with organizations and community members to know and understand the challenges, needs and concerns of the community
    • To articulate and submit the challenges, needs, concerns and recommendations to remedy the grievances to the relevant authorities without fear or favour
    • To train and enhance entrepreneurial skills, explore new business opportunities and faciliate the transition from traditional to modern economic activities
    • To conduct and support research activities to articulate ideas and strategies in conformity with changing conditions
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