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Establishment of the Board

The idea and the need for PERMIM to have its own Education Fund was mooted in 1996 by then President Tuan Sahul Hameed and after almost 2 years of concerted effort the Board was established on Sunday, 2 November 1998, the day when the Board was officially launched at the Maktab Kejasama, Petaling Jaya. The rules and regulations and general guidelines pertaining to the Trust Deed were executed between the Trustees (5) and PERMIM, on 2 November 1997 itself


The establishment of the PERMIM Education Fund Board was very timely, given government's financial constraints at that time. Additionally there was an urgent need for the Board to serve to the community by mobilizing community's resources to help fund the needy students to complete higher studies and help in advancement of the community. PERMIM with its some 40 affiliates and branches spread across the country is well positioned to reach out and help the needy and deserving students.

Members of the Board


The first Board comprised the following five Trustees and five nominees from PERMIM Executive Council:

The Trustees:

Dr. Mohamed Ariff bin Abdul Kareem
Brother Sultan Abdul Kadir
Brother Mohd Ali Jinnah bin Mohd Ibrahim
Brother D.M. Jawhar Merican
Brother Abu Thahir bin PKM Syed Mohamed
Welfare work: Support for the Underprivileged

PERMIM Exco-Members:

Brother Haji Anver Hussein Maricar
Brother Abdul Kader Abdul Razak
Brother Kamarulzaman
Brother Jasha Khan Sultan
Brother Mohamed Thamby Ibrahim

The current Board installed on May 15, 2005 for a two year term comprise of the following 3 Trustees and 3 nominees from the PERMIM Executive Council

The Trustees:

Bro Dr. Mansoor Merican(Chairman)
Bro Dr.Haji. Habeebullah Khan(Deputy Chairman)
Bro Yusuff Bin Mohd Hanipah

PERMIM Exco-Members:

Bro.Haji. Jasha Khan Sultan (Treasurer)
Bro.Haji. Mohamed Thamby Ibrahim (Secretary)
Bro.Haji. Dr Syed Ebrahim

Initial Fund Collected:

Amount collected from 17 individuals and 9 affiliates during first year of operations RM 93000. Further RM31000 was collected in 1999 and 2000 to bring total fund to RM124000. To date some RM90000 has been disbursed to 57 students. The Award of first Financial Assistance ceremony was held on Saturday 22nd August 1998 at the Hotel Singhasana, Petaling Jaya. Around 100 persons including almost all the recipients, their parents and some invited guests, donors to the fund and PERMIM Exco members witnessed the ceremony where the Deputy Rector of the International Islamic University gave away the Cheques.

Balance RM46800 including dividend income and loan return remains.

Operational Mechanism:

The financial assistance to be given to deserving students should have a flexible approach so that it can either be a scholarship, a grant or a loan, depending on the merit of the case.

Maximum quantum of financial assistance to be RM3000.00 per applicant per year of study, subject to special consideration by the Board where the financial assistance to be given may exceed RM3000.00.

Initially, applications from deserving candidates who have secured places to pursue Diploma/Degree level courses in Government Institutions of Higher Learning only will be considered.

Financial assistance can be considered and extended to all Muslims only.

Present state of financial position of the Board.

There is an urgent need to bring in more funds in the form of donations and contributions from members of the community. In order to sustain and continue to award financial assistance to deserving candidates in the immediate future, the Board needs contributions from generous members of the community. The Board as well as the community would certainly not like to see deserving students discontinue because of lack of funds.

Any donation to be made out to


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