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Services Provided By PERMIM

  • Workshop to prepare students for PMR/SPM examinations
  • Workshop on Career Guidance and preparing students to apply for places in Universities
  • Workshop on Small Business Enterprises, application for loan etc
  • Financial assistance to deserving students to continue tertiary study
  • Letter of Introduction (with no liability) for member's applications to government/third parties for business or other requirements
  • Organize for members seminars on economy, education, religion, cultural and marriage with presence of local and foreign experts
  • Provide financial relief to victims of fire, accident, natural catastrophe and hard core poor etc
  • Create business opportunities for members through networking and tie up of community individuals
  • Memorandum to the government on issues affecting the community
  • Public statement on national and community issues
  • Support Affiliates and Branch activities with manpower and financially resources
  • Support materially and physically other NGO activities in support of certain issues PERMIM believes in
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